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The Lifesaver

You turn over and glare at the clock. How could it already be 1:30 in the morning? “This should only take you about an hour or two”. Yeah, and you also forgot about the three other college preparation classes that I have to do. After you’re all done, you finally crawl into bed at 2 in the morning. You blink. Peep, peep, peep. The 6:30 alarm clock is ringing throughout your bedroom. What a wonderful night of sleep. Good thing you have your secret weapon, your savior, your hero, coffee.

Let’s face it. Some nights, even if we start working right when the final bell of school hits, your homework, and other activities go late into the night. We can’t help it. We’ve seen hundreds of articles and posts about how sleep is a major factor in a healthy lifestyle for a teenager. We need a healthy way to keep a sharp state of mind from 7:30-2:38. The answer, coffee.

We all get that first block feeling. Your teacher puts up a power point and you’re about to half asleep take notes. But it can get better. It’s very convenient to transport coffee into South. A travel mug at Walmart is about 5 dollars. If you don’t want to make your own coffee a Quick Trip is down the road and either Hy-Vee or Hen House is on the way to school.

People also talk about how they don’t enjoy the taste of coffee. Which you probably don’t enjoy the taste of “black coffee”. Try out some different flavors! You can try Starbucks, Caribou, Dunkin Donuts, whatever! You’re not going to like every single type so experiment!

Coffee is scientificity proven to improve energy levels, improve physical performance, not cause heart disease, and may lower the risk of a stroke.

Before you know it. You will notice your performance in class to increase. Those point you  missed out on for participation, you got them back. The notes you missed because you were snoring, get ready because you’re ready for the test.  The simple mistakes you made on a test, congratulations because you didn’t make those and you got an A. Coffee, try it out.