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Spiking the Way to Sectionals

“Here we go Panthers, here we go,” was the only cheer you could hear throughout the crowd at the Park Hill South vs. Park Hill district championship game Oct. 19.

The Park Hill South volleyball team kept their winning streak alive last night with a two-set win over Park Hill. But the team wasn’t as happy with their performance as the crowd.

“We weren’t passing well so we couldn’t do much with the offense, and they had a good block so we were having trouble getting around it,” said senior captain Andi Elley.

The team had a total of 69 digs and 33 kills, which was not as good as they wanted.

“We should have definitely had more than that,” said Elley.

In the first game, Park Hill South came out strong with a 17-5 lead against a heavily scouted Park Hill team. Many viewers were biting their nails after Park Hill made a few runs that tied the game up.

The teams went back and forth until it was game point for Park Hill with a lead of 23-24. Park Hill South took a relieving time-out that the crowd used to catch a breath.

The teams took the floor and battled it out until South ended it with two errors that gave them a win with the score of 28-26.

Even after the first game win, Park Hill South made the crowd uncomfortable after they blew another strong lead of 12-8 after three runs that caused one of the seniors, Bri Bartosh, to be benched.

Kacy Lewallen, sophomore,  went in and managed to get the ball back for Park Hill South.

“I felt like it was a high-pressure situation, and I was happy they trusted me in that moment,” said Lewallen

The game went back and forth until Michelle Dvorak, sophomore, spiked a ball down on an overpass that finished the game.

” I just saw it come over the net and I didn’t even know what happened until after it happened, “said Dvorak

The team stormed the court and went into ecstasy. When they were given the plaque, the five seniors rushed over and brought it back to a very excited team.

The team later went on to lose to STA in the sectional championship that would have allowed them to go to State.