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Skateboarders of South

There’s more to skateboarding than intimidating/sketchy crooks and standing on wood, with crazy smoking habits. Because that’s not who skateboarders are. Most skateboarders are actually really nice people.

“The stereotypes are kinda funny actually. But I just ignore most of them,” said freshman Seth Fink.

Put those negative stereotypes beside, because skateboarders are actually mostly just artistic, creative, fun, strong individuals.

“It’s really funny to see what people come up with actually, about us,” said skateboarder Tyler Clarkson.

I’m talking about the negative stereotypes such as they are all dumb, low life, druggies who have nothing else to do besides throw themselves off ramps and such.

“The stereotypes? Yeah, they’re pretty stupid. They’re dumb. People think we’re lazy, but really we’re not. We try hard, and if we don’t try then we can’t learn,” said sophomore Logan Broxton.

Skateboarders also use skateboarding to channel their stress and put reins on their feelings.

“Skateboarding to me is a way to express myself. It’s a way to prove to people what I can do. It’s a great outlet for stress. And I can always challenge myself,” said Clarkson.

“I skateboard to relieve stress,” said Broxton, “and it’s just a great experience in general.”

A lot of skateboarders are just there to skate and then there’s a lot of skateboarders who are there to get good and get sponsored. Even if skateboarding will be put into the 2020 Olympics, people still say skateboarding isn’t a sport, but really it is.

“I find skateboarding really fun. The hot and cold don’t bother me, I’ll skate in both. It’s enjoyable and it’s a really good exercise,” said Broxton.

Skateboarders lose water weight sweating, pushing forward to do better. Doing tricks makes their legs and jumping skills stronger. Sure, it screws up the bodies of these skateboarders from falling but it shows people that these people are strong, that they don’t give up.

Skateboarding is like a violent game with an addicting rewards system, because when you see someone do this crazy cool trick… it just inspires you to want to get better.

“I just love skateboarding for the fun of it,” said Fink.

“My favorite part about skateboarding is the culture and the people in it, because the people are pretty cool and nice. Like every time I go to a skate park and I’m working on a trick, there’ll always be someone there to try to help me or who wants to help me. And… yeah, it’s a small sport but it’s growing,” said Broxton.

“Skateboarding is all about just skating hard in general and just hanging with your friends,” said Clarkson.