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Recent Riots

It’s almost like we forget some of our most important role models and leaders from the past. It’s almost like they’re eradicated in our memory once they pass and we don’t take their wise advice. In more in depth we didn’t listen to civil rights leader and one of our most respected leaders, Martin Luther King Jr. “Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat,” once said civil rights movement leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

“I think riots is a form of domestic terrorism. Targeting innocent people and law abiding citizens. Which is hypocritical when these people are quote protesting when they’re actually just causing arson and assaults,” said T.J. Carroll.

We need to stop riots, fore they are damaging/harming our land, our homes, our local areas, and our people. They’re giving a bad name towards the Black Lives Matter activists and persuading Black Lives Matter activists to resort to violence instead of being peaceful.

“Riots aren’t really relevant. Because if they’re not gonna listen to peaceful protesters then they’re not gonna answer to riots and rioters either. It’s common sense,” said former high school sophomore Chandler Martin.

Reaching November, pushing through October we have already gone through twelve riots from the causes of civil unrest as a whole as specified by The causes of these riots are from political party disputes at Trump rallies, police shootings killing citizens irresponsibly, racism, unemployment, and inequality.

We’ve rioted for equality and employment in Tunisia in accordance to We’ve rioted because of things Trump said to rattle us up as specified by national review. But, let’s not forget about the shootings and homicides caused by irresponsible police officers.

Keith Lamont shot for allegedly reaching for a gun out of his car door window after being told to put his hands up by police officer who shot and killed Keith to death. And let’s not forget about the death of Sylville Smith in Milwaukee. But cops weren’t the only problem in Milwaukee and in other riot situations.

The problem also falls under the responsibility of irresponsible citizens taking the riots of Milwaukee and turning it into a byproduct as an excuse to riot against the rich community. If we keep rioting and creating immature byproducts against other problems in our communities it will lead to the destruction and chaos of our peaceful bonds of our society.

So, will we reach a the thirteenth riot for 2016? After all these riots haven’t we learned yet? We need to boycott, write articles, keep bringing up the same complaints to our city halls until the senators listen and act. Fore in order to get what these rioters want we need to get these important authorities to listen.

Martin and Carroll have stated quotes on what the U.S. should do in order to stop these violent riots.

“The U.S. should put more attention on these rioters and activists,” Martin suggested.

“The U.S. needs to label the participants who cause violence and strongly condemn their actions,” was another suggestion provided by Carroll.

We need to fight these problems until they are obliterated from our society. We need to fight these problems, racism, inequality, unemployment problems, etc. through small-peaceful things to make a big difference and push forward for a better ecosystem for our society.

“No, no I do not think riots are very relevant. There are other ways to voice your opinion instead of rioting and ransacking an entire city,” said Carroll.

Rioting hurts small businesses. For example the incident in Ferguson, Missouri. People burned and vandalized small businesses that had nothing to do with the conflicts, now they’re losing money and going into poverty because of these absurd riots. So, after these peaceful protestings and the plethora of sources of articles on the web… will we finally answer and listen to some of our fellow respected leaders such as, Martin Luther King?


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