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Outcome of Homecoming 2K16


The hype about homecoming is finally over. South students took home memories they will never forget from September 24th. But some didn’t have as good of a time as others.

Zach Nay, junior, said “They could’ve had better music, but I liked the dance because I make the best out of things.”

Eric Romelous, junior, shared similar thoughts. He said, “The music was trash, they should’ve played more trap.”

Each year STUCO creates a unique theme for our Homecoming. This year it was circus themed and it put a different twist on spirit week, making it fun for students to participate in.

“The theme was awesome and unique,” said Jordan Lenz, junior.

Unfortunately the dance simmered down at eleven and student started to leave, the question is where did they go?

Paige Riekhof, junior, said, “I went to one of my friends after party, I had the best night.”