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Marching Band prepares for competition

While spending hours in the Kansas City heat, the nonstop motion of every run throughout a marching show. Making sure every step is perfect with landing and time, hearing the nonstop beats of a metronome as if when it turns off you can still hear the blaring sound go off in your head. It is as if your body is begging you to stop and take a break but that thought is interrupted when you have a 100 people feeling the same thing.

Marching band is a sport that involves a lot of repetition that creates muscle memory. It’s a sport where students work together for hours for perfection and when it comes to competitions it only lasts 15 minutes. From the memorization of music to marching perfectly in step and then later adding visual effects, Park Hill South marching band has taken an extra step to do well in the Band of America Marching festival held in Saint Louis.

Junior Drum Major Devan Hogan said, “The show is more challenging itself this year. We are putting a stricter hand down because we have a lot more expectations and we are changing a lot of things including types of marching, the visuals and harder music. We really don’t want people slacking off. We want to step up this band better than before.”

On Saturday, Oct. 1, South’s marching band had a marching competition held in Blue Springs, and South placed fifth in their division.

“We performed very well, to the level we are at. Obviously we don’t have every detail, we still have some low hitches, but I believe we performed very well,” said Junior Christine Schulze.

Although South placed fifth in their division, many of the students are pleased with their score. Marching Band is something that you have to be dedicated to and willing to take away your time for it, said Schulze, and South has a lot of people in our band that are very dedicated.

“We have changed so much this year for the last years of marching. We are doing so well right now the place we got in Blue Springs was great. With the amount of practice and time, we did amazing. Surely it sounds low but we truly did amazing,” said Hogan.

On Oct. 21-22 the band will perform in Saint Louis for a Bands of America marching competition. There are over 60 bands in this competition, a type of competition where South will go for experience, not to win, said Dr. Craig Miller, head band director.

“I think right now with how we are prepared is half way; I think there are still some things we need to work on individually. I think we will be ready when the time comes around for Saint Louis,” said Junior Woodwind Drum Major Joshua Boster.

Although marching band has been time consuming for the students many of the marchers enjoy marching band.

“I love marching band the people I get to know in band, it’s a learning experience every day, you learn something new that you never really thought of,” said Hogan.

Many students feel the same way, there are several reasons why students enjoy Marching Band.

“I love marching band because it’s fun and you are able to mingle with people who enjoy the same things you do. I have been in competitive marching band since last year, but I have been in marching band since seventh grade. It’s a great experience and it is fun to hang around with the people that share the same interest as you,” said Sophomore Haley Wewers.

South Marching Band has been preparing for the Bands of America marching competition since the month of July. With nonstop repetition and marching visuals the band students feel that with a little more practice and time, the band will be prepared for Saint Louis.

Schulze said, “It’s fun to do something you are so passionate about with the people you care about and all of your friends, it’s a really great experience and it always feels good when you accomplish and create something like this.”