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Lady Panthers Basketball Season

   You’re standing at the free throw line, sweat running off your forehead. The basketball bounces between the floor and your hand, your teammates silently whispering you good luck and the crowd cheering you on from the bleachers as they hold signs and chant the name of your team.

   Your hand takes the ball, your arm extended above your face as you release the ball into the air, toward the net. The crowd goes quiet, a few gasps heard around the court. Swoosh. The crowd goes wild.

   The Lady Panthers previous season record, 6-9 , had the girls ending the season with a higher loss than win. A few of the previous Lady Panthers explained how they are preparing to make the season more successful.

   “We have Sunday leagues that we can play at, get practice in. Shooting around and going to weights also helps,” said senior Grace Cunningham.

   Even freshmen are preparing hard.

   “I just got done with softball so I am starting to go to the open gyms that the school has every Wednesday,” said freshmen Luci Steele.

  The Lady Panthers have been reported to have exciting games and interesting outcomes, with those standards in mind, the Ladies shared what they are looking forward to the most in the upcoming season.

  “I am just very excited because the environment is friendly and the girls are fun to be with,” said sophomore Dj Guillory.

   With a new season, Park Hill South offers a new coach as well. Coach Josh Dorr came to South this year following the retirement of long-time head coach Jenny Orlowski. He is going to be the new head coach of the Park Hill South Lady Panthers Basketball Team.

   “I love the new coach, he likes to listen to our ideas and offers us advice and helpful criticism when it comes to plays and practices,” said Guillory.

   Not only do the Lady Panthers have a new coach but they are also getting incoming freshmen and new players. With freshmen, they had an opportunity of playing on the Lady Lynx at the Lakeview Middle School.

   “It will be different, going from a Lady Lynx into a Lady Panther,” said Steele, “but it is fun thinking about the future games and practices with the upperclassmen.”

   No matter how young the basketball players are, they are still excited.

   “Getting to meet the other girls, the older girls that have played longer than we have, and starting with a new coach, it should be interesting and fun,” said freshman Jessie Hagen.

   Future players are getting ready, step by step, warming up for practices and games. Upperclassmen are there to help them and guide them on their journey of being a Lady Panther. Every player contributes something to the game, now students just wait to see what they bring to the court.