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Freshman Football

The field flooded with sprinting purple,black and white jerseys. The ball soared in the air as South players rushed to it, just in time to slam into an opposite team player.

The freshman players for South football have been working hard this season, setting goals and focusing on their abilities.

Xavier Jackson, freshman, said, “ A usual practice is just the team separating into groups, offense and defense periods, and offense and defense team sessions.”

As they do this during their practices, this helps the grow and reach goals they have set for themselves and also realize their strengths and weaknesses.

Brock Ivy, freshman, said, “ My biggest challenge is overcoming my mental barrier, like when I think I can’t complete something because I’m too slow or not strong enough although all the rest of my team is doing it.”

Although the players do reach tough challenges in the sport, some of them have been playing for many years before high school and have stuck with the sport since then.

Kellen Danielsen, freshman, said, “I’ve been playing since kindergarten, basically my whole life.”

As the most players on South’s football didn’t just join for no reason, there’s some reasoning to sticking on the team.

Jackson says, “I joined the team just to spend more time with friends, they make the experience overall just fun, they encouraged me to try it out, so I did.”

Some of the players have more of a experience as to why they began, as they have more of a backstory to their inspiration and love for the sport.

Danielsen says, “I was enveloped into the sport lifestyle before I was even playing, I naturally fell in love with the sport from the beginning.”

With the sport of football comes with strengths in the game, not all the weakness.

“If you don’t realize your strengths they could hurt you in the end,” says Jackson.

Even the scores of a game against Liberty made it into the Kansas City Star, with the Panthers scoring 26-19 over Liberty.

As South’s football season is coming to end, Jackson says “I wouldn’t want to have traded my experience for anything. I enjoyed the season with my boys.”