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Falling into the Spirit

 A large roar from the crowd cheers on the player as he runs into the end-zone. The drinks go flying and everyone cheers and hugs feeling a surge of excitement as they watch their team take the lead. That excitement makes Kansas City one of a kind in the fall.

If you’re ever looking for something to do in the fall, Kansas City is the place to be. Between Chiefs games, haunted houses and carving pumpkins, Kansas City has it for you.

If you’re someone who wants something a little loud, according to freshman Kaylee Taylor, a Chiefs game is where to go.

Taylor said that she really enjoys football and hopes that the Chiefs can go far into the post season this year.

Arrowhead Stadium currently holds the world record for loudest stadium. Tailgating and going to the games is a widely popular activity for Kansas City residents. Taylor said that her family made it a priority to take her to games and be able to experience.

Taylor said that she missed many Chiefs games last year because of the post season run of another widely popular team the Kansas City Royals.

“I just like watching the game, baseball is one of my favorite sports and it is always a good time,” said Cassidy Hedrick, sophomore.

Hedrick goes to many games throughout the season with friends and family.

“ I really like just going and spending time with my family, especially when they are all home,” said Hedrick.

Hedrick said her favorite Royals game ever was the 2014 Wild Card game when the Royals rallied back to win the game which led to their 2014 run into the World Series.

If you enjoy seeing men with rats in their mouths, dark spaces and being jump scared, rather than the loud sounds of a stadium, the haunted houses downtown are the place to be.

“I find that being scared is an emotion that is not felt very often,” said junior Joe Leluga.

Between the Edge of Hell, which is said to be one of the most terrifying haunted houses, to The Beast, people cannot get enough of the exhilarating, frightening atmosphere that they bring.

“How can I get through this place without dying, you know? You kind of want to play it safe, you don’t want to run into every obstacle, you can to just make it as scary as possible, you still want to feel like you are making some decisions,” said Leluga.

He said that the actors carried out the jump scares to always keep you guessing and how you could never get too comfortable.

But if being terrified on a Friday night is not your forte, picking pumpkins and carving them is an exciting tradition that sophomore Kacy Lewallen and her family carry through the years.

“It just puts me in the fall spirit, and gets me ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving and all of the seasonal activities,” said Lewallen.

 Lewallen says that it creates memories, her favorite being when her little brother was younger and took a giant carving tool to carve a pumpkin the size of a softball.

So whether or not you enjoy the screams from fans or a nice quiet night with family, Kansas City has it all in the fall.