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Can’t Stop The Arrowhead

On NFL Sunday as every football fan sits down to watch the game there is one big question: are the Chiefs going to bring home another win? They are on fire having won nine straight home games, the longest active streak in the NFL

The Chiefs are 3-2 this year.  They have won 15 of their past 18 games and they have potential to win the AFC West even though is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.

“The chiefs might have a chance this year but the have a lot of good teams they face in their division,” said Sammy Hickey, Freshman.

Against the Saints last week Alex Smith was 7 of 8 for 120 yards and two touchdowns against the blitz, his best completion percentage throwing like this this season. Smith had not thrown a TD in 44 attempts against the blitz in his first five games

“The Chiefs look better than ever this year, I think teams really underestimate us,” said Nick Ryan, Sophomore.

The Chiefs are traveling to Indianapolis this week and look to take home another win and are also in the early stages of the easiest portion of their schedule. Their next four games are against the Colts, Jaguars, Panthers and Buccaneers, and they don’t play a game against an opponent that looks like a true match until Nov. 27.

“The Chiefs may not have a Super Bowl lined up, but they look a lot better than they have in the past years leading up to the playoffs,” said  Avion Johnson, Sophomore.

The only downside is the way the Chiefs are playing this year; they can’t seem to start their offense until the second half. It’s a big problem because they are playing catch up with their opponent the whole game.

If the Chiefs get started early in the game and keep playing with the intensity they have been, they could be the team to beat this year.