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Imagine this: you wake up and go to school. After school you do a sport or activity that takes a good amount of your day. After that you come home tired, but realize you still have to do all that homework that is due by tomorrow.  After doing all of your homework you realize it’s way later than you expected and you only have a few hours left to sleep for the next morning.

Unfortunately, this happens to hundreds of teens like you every night. The only problem is the cycle repeats. Day after day your schedule is pretty much the same having you burned out and exhausted all week.

According to nationwidechildrens, the average student should be getting nine to nine and a half hours of sleep. Unfortunately for many students including you, you aren’t getting near to the amount of sleep you’re supposed to get.

“I only get a good amount of sleep on the weekends when I’m not so busy doing homework,” Sophomore Danny Johnson said.

Typically, students get about six to seven hours of sleep per night. The reason for this includes tons of homework, sleepless/stressful nights, and early starting times for schools. This has made students wanting school to start later so that they can have more sleep.

“I only get four hours of sleep every night and wish school would start later so that I could get more sleep,” Sophomore Daegan Stevick said.

However, many students are saying school shouldn’t start later for many reasons. The biggest reason was that if school started later you would also get out of school later as well. Another big reason was that even if you went later and got out later the sleep patterns would be the same.

For some people however, homework isn’t what is giving them lack of sleep. For many students it is after school activities or sports that is giving them a little amount of sleep.

“I’m getting lack of sleep every night due to football practice and other school related things,” Sophomore Gage Gordon said.

In a poll done by Gallup they show that 40 percent of Americans aren’t getting the amount of sleep they should each night. The statistics show that teens and young adults get less sleep than they should. They then compare this to older people such as senior citizens who get more than the amount of sleep they should.

“Compared to my parents and other people my age, I’d say I’m getting less sleep than they are,” Sophomore Joey Falbo said.

If people paid more attention to the research or schedules then maybe they’ll be able to get the right amount of sleep every night.