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The Importance of Friendship

       What is friendship? What do you think it means to have teamwork? The Southside Girls had a great perspective on what it means to work together. Each one of them said things that could change the way people look at each other when working together.

       “Teamwork is very important, formation is key with working together,” said Emily Nowe, a Sophomore on the SSG.

       When working together, you bond together, you create a strong friendship that last year’s. The SSGs all mentioned that they loved the girls.

       “Work together, build trust off on another. It is key, just work together and not judge. Just accept,” said Sarah Waller, freshmen on the dance team.

       When you form bonds, it makes practices and performances much more exciting. The girls love to perform in front of everyone during games and assemblies. Stand up, their hip hop dance, has not only been a crowd favorite but a favorite among the dancers.

       With each assembly they show more and more how much of a team they are and how their teamwork pays off.

       “Supporting teams while doing what I love is my favorite part of being on the SSG,” Icil Gittings, freshmen SSG, said along with teammate Auriell Maltbia-Mckinney, Sophmore SSG.

       Every one of the dancers on the SSG said how much they love the other girls, how they love to work together and just the support they have from the girls. The South Side Girls are a family, and families stick together.