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South Tackle Liberty North

The Homecoming football game is this Friday against Liberty North. Dance, Cheer and Varsity aren’t preparing any different.


One southside girl doesn’t believe that the heat will get to any south team. She thinks that the heat will be a factor though.


Sarah Waller said, “The heat will be there and it will affect the playing style, but it depends on what they do or how good they are.”


One of the other things that will be on a lot of people’s minds is the dance a day after the game. The same dancer said there might be additional pressure.


She said “maybe, because it’s homecoming that will take a part in the game like the heat.”


She couldn’t she said she can’t predict the score because she doesn’t know “how good the team is.”


Fan T.J. Carroll said he was going to the game.


“It’s the biggest game of the year,” he said.


He thinks the heat will get to the team.


“it will alter playing styles it will be hotter, but they will play well.” he said. “They are gonna be focused on winning.”


He predicted the score to be 28-14.


The actual score was 15-14 making us 5-1 are only losses being against parkhill.


“Some people just go to the games to socialize and he doesn’t actually watch the games, but cheers alongside our team when we are winning.,” said fan Will Wright