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Making The Switch

South implemented a new policy this year that many students are uncertain about. The administration totally wiped out the old card system. The purple, gold and platinum cards are things of the past long forgotten. This year is drastically different.

Instead of referring to GPA and attendance to determine rewards, it will be goals this year. After a student achieves their goal they receive a sticker that gives them many privileges. Privileges include going to lunch two minutes early and being excused from class without a pass.

But as always, there are some flaws with the new system. Many students feel that it is very unfair because goals can be set low for students to more easily obtain goals.

“Anyone can set a goal they can easily obtain,” said Nick Ryan, Sophomore.

This problem was in fact the biggest conflict in switching to this new goal oriented system. The administration tried to resolve this by having teachers approve each student’s goal.

There are also better things about the new system.

“The new system is easier to make suitable to you,” said Taylor Gunther, Junior.

The new cards definitely make it more accessible for all students

“The new cards make privileges  obtainable,” said Avion Johnson, Sophomore.

This is easily the best thing the new cards have to offer. It helps students who have harder times achieving good grades and makes everyone feel welcome. It also is vertical and shows if you have and activity pass or early release.

Even though the cards has flaws these are definitely a good reasons to make the switch.