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Laptops Strike Back

Every high school student will have a laptop to use, starting this school year. This is big because prior years leading up to this, only elementary and middle schoolers had them. For those who didn’t have a laptop to use before this school year this helps them a lot.

The laptops help benefit education by making it easier on students. The laptops also help engage students more than before when there weren’t any. Also the laptops allow students to check their grades, turn in projects, and etc. more easily.

“The laptops allow me to do my homework and turn in my projects easier,” sophomore Danny Johnson said.

However, everything has a flaw. And the laptops seem to have many flaws reported by students of the school. This includes laptops randomly losing access to internet, black screens, randomly turning off, etc. These issues tend to happen without many solutions.

“My laptop has had tons of issues so far without much of a fix,” said junior Jaelyn Powell.

Now there is a support desk where students can go to anytime of the day besides lunch to get help with the issues. The support desk is located near the library on the bottom floor of the school. Students are commonly sent there by teachers because of all the issues going on. This causes lines and long wait times because of how many people need help.

“If my laptop has any issues then I have to wait in a long line at the support desk to get the help I need,” sophomore Parker Greenfield said.

To many this is a creative and innovative approach to learning but to others it isn’t. A good majority of the students interviewed stated that they would rather go back to paper and pencil over laptops. They say this because with pencil and paper you won’t have technical difficulties like the laptops have been having so far.

Technology plans to hopefully resolve all the issues students are receiving so far.