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HC? Go with me?

The Homecoming Dance took place on Sept. 24. With the dance comes finding a date. Thinking of a clever way to ask someone is just the beginning.

Some students struggled with finding the perfect way to ask their date. Christian Holferty, junior, had no problem finding a creative way to wow his girl.

“It didn’t take me very long to decide what I was going to do, but once I did I was super proud of it. I am going to say ‘Couldn’t figure out how to ask you to Homecoming so I just bought you flowers.’ I got this idea from Stranger than Fiction when Will Ferrell did that,” Holferty said.

Some girls were also pleased by the way they got asked. Kate Kobayashi and Julia Vap, sophomores, had big grins on their faces.

Vap was “very shocked” when Ben Owere whipped out a sign in French class asking her in French words to Homecoming. On the other side of the sign Homecoming was spelled out in fruit snacks and the sign said, “I know this is fruity but HC?”

Kobayashi thought it was going to be a regular day at the dog park. Adam Frazier, her boyfriend, and Kobayashi went to the Parkville dog park with his two dogs.

She said, “Adam randomly said he had to leave, and I was really confused. When he came back I thought he had put a harness on both of his dogs, but as he got closer I noticed they had shirts on that had an h and c on them.”

Kobayashi said she was excited, because she’s “got some pretty good moves.” She showed off those moves on Saturday.