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Android or Apple?

Apple released ios 10 on Sept. 13. Many people didn’t know about this update until later on, so it was really cool when they figured out what they can do with it.

Most people were pleased by it, but some not so much. Some of the student’s phones wouldn’t even work properly because of it.

Maddie Barton, sophomore, said, “My messages wouldn’t even open, ios 10 broke my phone.”

Julia Vap, sophomore, got the update on Sept. 15. She noticed her phone was a little slower once she got it.  

She said the reason she decided to get the update was because “everyone else had it and it looked super cool”.

Although one disadvantage about her updating her phone was that not everything from the update was working like the screen/slam effects, which she was really sad about.

She also said, “The new emoji’s are very ugly and they look like android emojis now.”

Landry Thompson, sophomore, also got the update on Sept. 15. She decided to update her phone because she was in a group message that everyone was sending cool stuff that made her want to get it because she couldn’t do that cool stuff like them.

Her phone works with it for the most part. She said her favorite thing about the update is that you can send your messages in a loud way or soft way.

Xavier Jackson, freshman, has an android phone and really wishes he had an iPhone now because the update “looks so cool.” He is jealous he can’t send drawings and gifs.

He said, “The new iPhone emoji’s look like my emoji’s now.”

Though there were many issues at first, Apple has addressed them and now people are free to enjoy the new update.