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The Big Day

High School can be a fun part of a student’s life, but before you know it is already time to graduate.

Seniors at South are very excited to start a new chapter in their life, but are also very nervous about leaving and will miss some things about high school.

Micayla Morris said, “After high school, I’m going to be scared about how I’m going to pay for college.”

There are many questions for any senior and many people wonder how seniors feel about leaving high school especially with everyone having different responses. There are many things to miss or not miss about the whole high school, with students having different experiences.

Hannah Leibee, senior, said the one thing she’ll miss most when leaving this school is dancing at the football games and also all the friends she’ll not be able to see everyday.

Leibee said, “I’ll miss the football games and dancing at them, also seeing everybody so much.”

While there are some things seniors will miss about South, there are some things they are excited about leaving behind.

Brady Osbourn, senior, shared something that he won’t be missing once he graduates.

He said, “I won’t miss the food that is served at lunch, because it isn’t the best and there are much more things I’d rather be eating.”

Going off into the big world is a big deal, with going to college or getting a job. It’s an exciting start into the adult ages and many look forward to it from the start of high school.

The big question is what are you looking forward to most once you get out. With many different things these seniors are doing, Taylor Burdiss, senior, shared her plans.

Burdiss said, “I’m looking forward to something new in my life, and to explore things in a new way. It’s going to be nice to not be required to do some certain things that I have to do at school every day.”

The big graduation day is coming up in a few weeks.   As many students will soon to be starting their new adventures, many are excited but scared to start a new journey in their life.