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Sweet Shop

Candy is a treat everyone has a sweet tooth for and can be found just about anywhere. But where can you find the best candy?

Janae Hlavacek, freshman, likes the Chips Chocolate, in Crown Center, to buy her sweets.

“It’s got chocolate stuff and fudge and I’m a chocoholic,” said Hlavacek.

Though she only visits once or twice a year, her addiction keeps her going when she gets the chance.

She said she enjoys the great service there and always gets to leave happy with her favorite fudge.

Not everyone buys their sweets at an actual candy store. Some people get their candy during their daily routine.

People like Gabe Sowell, sophomore, who buys his candy at convenient stores that he comes across.

“Sometimes they’re friendly, sometimes they’re non-engaging, but I’m fine as long as I get the candy,” said Sowell.

However, he said that the workers’ attitudes never make him falter, as long as he gets his all time favorite peanut butter cups.

Gracie Link, freshman, tends to get her candy at her local Price Chopper.

“They don’t have much variety of candy. They have like normal candies,” said Link.

Even so, the convenience of her weekly visits to the grocery store make it easy to get the candy she likes, her favorite being a Three Musketeers.

Everyone’s sweet tooth leans to a different location to get their candy fix. Where do you go to get your favorite treats?