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Senior Skip Day

seniorThe tradition continues. The class of 2016 will be graduating in a few short weeks, and what is senior year without a senior skip day? On May 4, the participating students got together at the Royal’s game to tailgate and enjoy their day off.

Allison Robaska, senior, said, “It was great to see so many different people from our class come together that day for a great time!”

There are few opportunities to get such a large amount of the senior class together, so senior skip day is a great chance to have one last hurrah with your peers before going your separate ways.

Cole Franklin, senior, said, “Enjoy the fun times of your life because you won’t get to have them again.”

Unfortunately there were very few weekday-day games and the chosen date was also that of the AP Literature exam. Many students taking the exam were able to come after, however, some had to miss out.

For those who were able to attend, senior skip day will be one of many great high school memories.

Alfoncio Rand, senior, said, “Senior skip day was one to remember.”