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Stereotypes About Choir Kids That Aren’t True

There are many stereotypes about choir kids, and though some (most) are true, there are many that are not. Here are some stereotypes that aren’t necessarily true, and why.

1.All that we ever do is sing

Yes, as choir kids we love to sing (if not we wouldn’t have joined if we didn’t) and we do sing a lot, but we love to do things that aren’t singing too. We like to sleep, eat, and binge-watch Netflix as much as the next person.

2. We all hate sports

We have many athletes involved in choir at PHS. Cheerleading, Dance, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Track, and Cross-Country are all sports that someone participates in that is in choir. Some of us are not athletically gifted, but we still have fun running around playing frisbee.

3. We only sing classical music

Though choral music is enjoyable to sing, most of us sing different genres of music for leisure. From worship music, to rock, and even opera, we all have an appreciation for music that isn’t choral.

4.We all are involved in theatre

Though you can catch a lot of us on stage in our musicals, not everyone in choir likes theatre. There are many people who love to sing, but don’t like the acting part of theatre. It all depends on the person.

5. We all want to major in music

Music is a big part of all of our lives, but most people in the PHS choirs don’t want to major in music. We have people who want to be doctors, teachers, journalists, engineers, etc,. We will always have music in lives, but we don’t all want to do it for a living.

6. We are all best friends

Though this one is true and there are some people who we just don’t get along with, we are all actually very close to each other. We have had class together everyday for 3-4 years, and most of us have been involved in the musicals together, which takes us a huge amount of time, so we have all grown pretty close to each other.