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He Said, She Said: Social Media


1.) How often do you use social media?

2.) What is your favorite social media site?

3.) What do you usually post about?

4.) What is the most annoying thing about social media?

5.) Do you feel like the other gender uses social media more than you?


Emilia Fernandez (Girl)

1.)Check it every day, I try not to use it because it’s kind of a waste of time. It doesn’t help you unless you follow the news.


3.) I don’t really post a lot. If it’s on my story it’s at a concert. If I’m happy and something is pretty on a trip. It keeps memories I don’t ever want to forget.

4.) Bullying and kedge meant and shaming (fat shaming).

5.) I don’t think so. They use different social media. I think guys use it as their go to flirting device. It’s about the same amount we just use it for different things.


Nathan Juries (Boy)

1.) Post every now and the check once a day.

2.) Instagram

3.)Events, occasions, people I like.

4.) When people talk about their life problems and they make it seem like they’re  bigger problems than what they actually are.

5.) Not particularly, I think people use it around the same amount. Some people use it a lot, there are extremes in each cases.