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Why is March so Mad?

A universally unsolved question is this: What made March so mad? Was it the constant games going on, or how the best 64 teams in the nation are thrown in one bracket, or is it how it is unimaginable that a number one seed is going to lose to a 16 seed, but yet things like that still happen?

No, the true answer is Bracketology. It has changed the fan involvement of any sport 10 fold.

Jake Kline, junior, said, “I’ve been filling out brackets ever since I can remember. It puts you the tournament. Every game becomes meaningful to you, and if you already didn’t want to, you’ll be watching every single game.”

Filling out a bracket is all about not committing to your favorite team– you have to be able to pick some upsets that sound like they would never happen, and for the perfect bracket lots and lots of research.

Brackets are all the more reason to want to watch every game. It will make it easier for you to pick a side on the games and the month of March will quickly become your favorite month, except for those years when the number one loses to a 16.

Some bracket websites have jackpots for the best bracket and there is a lottery for anyone who can fill out a perfect bracket. You can also create parties with friends and throw in some money and create a jackpot

Colin Farrow, senior, said, “Every year, me and my friends get together and make brackets. We all throw in $10 and the winner gets over $100. We hold watch parties and we all hang out for basically a month straight.”

Don’t always be satisfied with just one bracket either. Winning takes dedication.

Max Ghasemi, sophomore, said, “I always fill out like five brackets. I have one bracket where I put my favorite team winning it all, and then a bunch more just in case one is a bust.”

March Madness is always the big event of the spring. No matter if you like basketball or not, you’ll get into the tournament and you’ll be dying to make a bracket.