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Stress of School

We’ve all been stressed out at one point. It can be for a lot of different reasons, like fitting in, finance, family issues, or school. And it feels horrible, like you just got stabbed in the brain.

When it comes to school, a lot of people have the same answers for when it comes to being stressed.

“Oh, heck yeah!”

That was freshman Christian Ludtke’s answer to whether or not school affects his sleep schedule. He said his main reason for stress are the classes he’s taking and the teachers he has.

“I don’t take the easy way out. If I get a crappy teacher I don’t change my schedule to avoid them, I man up,” he said.

Ludkte also said that he gets up to two hours a night of homework. And when he adds sports into the mix, it can get even worse. But Ludkte said that doing track is his “catharsis” to all the stress of school.

Connor Tackkett, freshman, thinks quite the opposite. He said when he ran cross country, he was extremely stressed out, and he didn’t have any time to do anything.

“I even got a stress fracture because of it,” he said.

He said school takes a lot of responsibility and that keeping good grades can be a challenge. He gets at least one hour of homework nightly. He said that the most stressful thing about high school is trying to find out what you’re going to do in life.

“I’m lucky if I get six hours of sleep a night…”

That was freshman Ashton Amann’s response to how school affects his sleep schedule. He said school is very overwhelming, “especially AP classes.” Amann said he gets over two hours of homework a night every night, and that sometimes it can even reach four.

He ran cross country and is running track, and he said that doing sports can create even more “gray hairs” and give you an even smaller time gap to get things done.

“I would say that the most stressful thing about high school is friendship. Everyone wants to keep their friends, but at the same time, pursue a career,” he said.

He said that you can make dumb decisions that could affect you later because you want to stay friends with people.

So everyone goes through some stress, whether it’s school related or not. But it seems to be a very common trend for students at South.