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Spring Break Plans

As second semester started, the only thing on most students minds was the upcoming Spring Break with sunshine and beaches. This one week off of school allows everybody to have a little break from the stress of school school work.

There are a variety of places everyone is going on this week off of school.

Students around the school their plans for this upcoming break I got a reaction that had a big smile on their face and they started explaining. I got many different answers, things from going to the beach or going to Colorado.

Freshmen Annie Saunders said, “I am either going to Mexico or going to Colorado, my family just can’t make a decision.”

Saunders said both places would be really fun but she thinks that she would rather go to Colorado so she doesn’t have to just sit around with her parents all day.

Freshmen Cassidy Hedrick said, “My plans for break are going to Colorado with my family.”

Hedrick was very excited about her plans to go on this vacation. She explained all of her plans and where at on the mountain she’ll be skiing and snowboarding.

Sophomore Alzado Medina said, “Nah, I’m staying in K.C. just chilling”

Staying home on break wouldn’t be too bad because you can just hang out with your friends and do fun things around town. Just having this time off of school is already great, doing things with your friends in Kansas City would make it even better. The only down fall of that is having your best friends go out of town for the whole time leaving you bored at home by yourself.

When I asked Annie Saunders what they were going to do at the place she was traveling to she said, “Well since i’m not sure where I’m going yet, I’ll either be swimming in the pool and ocean or i’ll be skiing on the mountains!”

Hedrick said, “I’ll just be skiing and snowboarding with my family or i’ll be going out to eat.”

These plans are pretty common in traveling to Colorado. It’s a fun plan but most people would do this while traveling here.

Medina said, “I’ll be hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and be working”

These plans are pretty common in most of the students plans for how they’re spending this time. A fun thing is planning out what you’re doing for this time off and making plans.

A big controversy is if the school gives us enough time off for Spring Break. As much as students will enjoy time off it’s still a question if they one week off of school is enough.

Saunders said, “No, I don’t think they allow us enough time off for school. I think two weeks would be a good amount of time off.”

This was a pretty popular amount off that students thought would be reasonable, as of now it will stay at one week off.

Hedrick said, “No we should have more time off than a week. We should have two weeks.”

Medina said, “I don’t think its enough of a break, it should be two or three weeks off.”

As many people brought up the idea of having a break that is two weeks long. This is a good idea, but people have to think about if we had a longer break than we would have to go later into the school year into summer. This one week off of school will allow all students a break off of school work. Everyone will enjoy the beaches and sunshine!!