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Spring break at PHS

There are many things to do during Spring Break, like sleeping,sitting on your phone, playing xbox or even hanging out with your friends or a sport. Some students at South said they would rather sleep than hang out with friends.

”In some cases I’d rather sleep than hang out with friends because my sleep schedule is gone,” said Cooper Northrup, freshman.

One student Guss Nader, freshman, would rather be up early to play baseball.

“I’d much rather be up early to practice baseball,I need to progress,” he said.

While some freshmen know how to budget their time, others don’t know what to do.

Creston Celeste,Freshmen, said he doesn’t know how to budget his time with friends, family and even free time.

”I’m excited for spring break. I just don’t know how to manage time,”said Celeste.

Whether you’re kicking it up with the family or catching up with friends some people don’t know or haven’t decided what to do.Some want to sleep,some want to go to the beach.

Others might be involved in a spring sport.Spring sports just kicked off and many are trying out.Adding on to not knowing what to do, sports can be a good one or even reading a book.

“I’m doing track so I won’t be bored during spring break because I’ll be busy with track,” said Thor Allred, freshmen

Some want to stay focused on academics rather than hanging out with friends or catching up with sleep.

Others who might be doing nothing some could look up their grades or even get some work done at a job.

“I turned 15 recently over spring break I’ll hopefully get a job,that will keep me busy,”said Northrup.

Some who imagine their self doing nothing said they might end up doing something fun or catching up on sleep or even doing spring cleaning.

Whether you at a job working,doing nothing,on your phone or xbox,with friends,doing academic things or even doing sports have a good safe spring break south!