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Reading at South

Imagine being so caught up in a book that you absolutely cannot put it down. Being sucked into a novel just by words on a piece of paper is an incredible feeling.

Unfortunately, not many students at South have been able to experience that feeling.

Paige Riekhof (Sophomore) said, “Why read a book when you can watch the movie on Netflix?”

Like Riekhof, many other students at South agree with what she says. But Natalie Masters (Sophomore) completely disagrees with Riekhof’s opinion.

She said, “There’s just something about reading a book that you cannot get from the movie.”

South students who do read have generally the same reason for doing so.

Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff (Sophomore) said, “It’s an easy way to pass time when you’re bored.”

So why exactly should you get more into reading?

Christian Holferty (Sophomore) said, “Everyone should consider reading more because it can make you more intelligent and you can learn a lot of new information.”

If you’re simply confused on which book genre fits you, think about what interests you the most. There’s no point in reading a novel with a plot that doesn’t even peak your interest. Start looking around and asking for book recommendations.  

Hallie Vandeven (Sophomore) said, “I would recommend ‘The Help’, it’s a nice mix of comedy and seriousness.”

The library is the perfect place to start looking around for the right book for you. It’s a quiet and relaxing environment. It’s easy to web your way through, if you know what kind of book you’re looking for.

Getting comfortable with reading means finding a comfortable location to start your reading.

Dominguez-Heithoff said, “In my bed is my favorite place to read, right before I go to sleep.”

Reading may not be for everyone, though.

Riekhof said, “I am not a fan of reading because you have to visualize all this stuff in your head.”

If you haven’t yet tried reading, anytime is a good time to start. With book recommendations, a comfy location to start your reading, and a quiet environment you can be on your way to really enjoy reading and learning new things within a book.

Even if you read one book, it can shape the way you think and look at things in a whole new and different perspective. Why wouldn’t more people want to experience this?

Vandeven said, “Reading has definitely had a positive impact in my life.”