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Park Hill Houth Falls to Liberty North in Devastating Sectionals Game

         South faced Liberty North Wednesday night, eventually letting a tough one go with a final score of 54-55.

You don’t just get into the post season with little preparation. You have to practice every day.

“It all started back in November,” said Coach Dan Parra. “I told them to start thinking about February, and what we need to do to get there.”

The game was one of the most intense games of the season. Students in either section rarely sat down. Tensions rose between fans as well, due to the way the last game against Liberty North basketball game went down.

There were certain times in the game that the team could’ve done differently.

Sean Frost, sophomore, said, “they needed to finish at the rim more.”

There were multiple shots that were left wide open, and some layups that should’ve been in with no worry.

“The refs took over at the end,” said Dawson Owen, freshman.

There were multiple key points, and decisions in the game that some of the players said could’ve been made differently.

“Lamel didn’t pass, and was going one on one too much,” said Frost.

However some thought the professionals at the game were the ones to blame for poor decisions.

“When Ryan got his fourth foul, we had to sit him for a good portion of the game, which made it hard to beat Big Mike from Liberty North,” said Owen.

Lamel Robinson, freshman, seemed to be the star of the game, in a good, and bad way. In the fourth quarter Robinson, attempted a floater, missing, and giving Liberty North a crucial rebound, to secure a two point lead over South.

“He forced the floater,” said Frost.

However, the blame didn’t lie on just one player.

“It’s a team game, you win as a team, and you lose as a team,” said Owen.

At the end of the game all stakes were left on an intentional foul also produced by Robinson. This was a key decision, as they were either going to make the layup, or two free throws. Robinson chose to go with the intentional foul, but according to some, the call was still a mistake.

At the end of the game with a score of 51-55 with Liberty North in the lead, and four seconds left, the audience was silent. As Robinson once again had the ball, he jumped with 1.3 seconds left, sinking a buzzer beating three ball that left the audience stunned, happy, but according to the players, it just made it hurt even worse.

“I didn’t see it, my head was down because I knew our season was about to end,” said Owen.