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More than Running

Lace up your shoes, turn on your GPS watch, turn to your friends, and now you’re ready to embark an adventure.

Running: something so simple that causes so much pain. Why in the world would people run all the time and inflict so much personal pain on themselves? What people don’t understand is that running is the greatest feeling anyone could ever ask for.

 Marti Heit, sophomore, who is a running maniac. Being a state qualifier both years in Cross Country. She has been running basically her whole entire life, being mainly introduced to it by her parents and siblings.

She said, “It keeps me in shape, and I get the chance to run with my friends, which relieves a lot of built up stress”.

She said she mainly runs for both competitions and just for an enjoyable hobby.

She said was going to continue running after high school she said, ” all the way through high school for sure, maybe college. I will for sure be running after college.”

One of the cross country girls, Emma Roth, also qualified for state in Cross Country two years in a row and last year got the title of All-State.

When she sat down to talk about her favorite hobby, she seemed excited.

“The feeling you get after you get done with a hard workout or race is amazing,” she said.

She said she definitely wants to run in college after high school but is excited for these next couple years here at South. She enjoys competing against people rather than something to do to keep in shape, and she was all about racing other people.

“This is what I am good at, and I want to be the best I can be,” she said.

She says that the best way to do that is to train hard, don’t get tons of junk food, and enjoy your time out there with you and your friends.

What about if you have already passed high school? What if you have already passed college? What if you already have a kid and are married? Is there time for running then? Coach Pam Jurgensmeyer, or as everyone calls her Coach J, then she will tell you there is plenty of time for all the running in the world.

“Running makes me rid myself of all of my negative energy, and is something nice to do when you are really stressed,”she said.

Jurgensmeyer is a teacher at South and has been the girls Head Coach in Cross Country, and the girls distance coach in Track for many years. Talking to other girls on the team, they all said that Coach J will continuously push them to be better runners and even better people. She said she mostly nowadays runs to just stay in shape.

“After all the running I have done, now it’s all competition with myself. To see if I can get down my marathon time, or if I can cut down on my 5K time. What used to be all competition with other people has slowly made it to just being against myself,”she said.

Jurgensmeyer said she had too many great memories of running to pick just one.

“I met my husband training for a marathon that I was going to do,” she said. “My first ever marathon was the San Diego marathon in 2008. I really enjoy the feeling after a good hard track workout, and getting a new fastest time and always striving to be better. I remember doing the Twin City marathon and the beginning there was a lot of hills, but the last mile and a half was pretty much all downhill and the view was just amazing.”

Jurgensmeyer would later go on to say that she has memories throughout all the experiences of her running career and will last a lifetime. She also said that there are still a lot more to come.

When people always ask,”Why do you just run all the time? I hate running! isn’t that boring?” There is so much more to running than just running.

The people you meet, the lifelong friends you will make, the bonds that make with your teammates, and the experiences you will have. The dedication you will get to not let your teammates down, the personal drive you get in your stomach to put in that extra work.

The people who do not run will never see this side of running. There are too many things that benefit you from running. Runners are forever wishing to share this experience with everyone.