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Lacrosse in the Northland

A popular sport on the east coast is gaining popularity in the Midwest

 Students at South are branching out and taking interest in a newer, not so popular sport.

       Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, sophomore, says she heard about lacrosse through her friend Marti Heit.

      Dominguez-Heithoff said, “Marti asked me to play with her. I had never really heard about it, but it sounded fun and it was something to do, so I figured why not? I ended up playing from fifth grade until eighth grade so about three years.”

      Lacrosse is a tough sport since it’s not so popular around here and the rules are extensive. So why do people like it?

       Dominguez-Heithoff said, “Lacrosse was tough at times with all of the rules I had to keep in mind, but that’s part of the reason I like it. It’s challenging, but the main reason I liked it is because it was new and different, but mainly because all of my good friends were on the team. It was constant laughter.”

       Dominguez-Heithoff said that her favorite memory from playing lacrosse was going to Minnesota in eighth grade for a tournament.

“We didn’t do that well but it was super fun to be somewhere new especially with teammates. Plus we got to go to the Mall of America,” she said.

       Sophomore Josee Gentry said she plays lacrosse because “all of my friends were involved in it and all played for the same team so I decided to join.”

       Gentry has one moment from lacrosse that stuck out to her.

“When we were taking our team pictures one year and someone brought their bulldog puppy since we were the Park Bulldogs, and the dog was in some pictures. It was so cute,” she said.

      Gentry started playing lacrosse in eighth grade.

       “I started late compared to most of the people on the team, but it didn’t matter that I was new. Lacrosse is a newer sport, especially around our area, and they’re very welcoming. They love new players which was a really good surprise,” said Gentry.

       Lacrosse continues to keep growing around the area as more students are taking interest in the sport.