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Food Is Important Too

We always hear about athletes working out and training before a big game. We also hear that they need to get a lot of energy and protein but what exactly do athletes eat before and after a big game?

It could be anything. Pasta? Steak? Maybe even a horse? Studies show that you should eat a lot carbohydrates like pasta or bananas, but what do athletes at South really eat?

Students at South have a variety of different things they eat.

Annaliese Willis is a very active athlete around South. She does swim and track. Before a big game, she said she ate one thing in particular.

“I usually eat a Banana smoothie that either I make or my mom makes for me,” she said. “After the game you can eat whatever you want so I usually go to taco bell.”

Another track athlete had a different favorite food before games.

“I eat spaghetti,” said John Carter, a Track and Field athlete. “I guess it fills me up and makes my legs hurt less.”

There are a lot of different things that you can eat before a big game. It really depends on your body and the type of sport you do. One final athlete with food preferences is Hailey Deeds, a Lacrosse and Cross Country girl who had a lot to say about the topic.

“For Cross Country I don’t eat because I don’t want to throw up,” she said. “But for lacrosse I have a well balanced meal, especially Pasta because it has a lot of good Carbohydrates which provides me with the energy I need to endure till the end.”