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A Season to Remember

Starting with Desi Williams (Freshman) making a game winning three against Park Hill, to Ryan Welty (Senior) dunking, to Lamel Robinson (Freshman) draining the last basket of the season against Liberty North in sectionals, the 2016 South Varsity Basketball season was one to remember.

Going into sectionals, there were high hopes by both players and spectators.

Williams, one of the starting Freshman said, “ We have been playing our best and I have full confidence in my team and in myself.”

Melvin Walker (PE) has a son, MJ Walker (sophomore), on the team.

He said, “The team has a lot of momentum and they could definitely make it back to State, but they will have to play exceptionally well.”

Although last year’s basketball season was exciting, it also came with a devastating loss in Columbia, Mo. in the State Championship 71-57.

In an article posted by Kansas City Star, Allen Hyatt (Senior) said, “We changed Park Hill South basketball.”

In 2015, the basketball team had eight seniors, compared to this year, only having two. This let two freshman, Williams and Robinson step up to the plate.

They did “Exceptionally well” with Williams draining a three pointer at the top of the key with 3.4 seconds, to put South up 54-51. Robinson that same game also put up 21 points.

Being a young team, they went a lot farther than many fans thought they would.

For the next season, Dawson Owen (Freshman) said, “Since we’re going to be small, we need to get better at transitioning for the easy bucket.”