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Violent threat discovered at PHS

A school threat was discovered in a South  bathroom. This threat left many students shaken up.

Many of the students were going to stay home the day the violence was going to happen.Some students said they felt safe because of the increased police here South. This threat has left the school untrusted to students.

”I don’t feel safe when I am here ever since they discovered the threat,” said Cooper Northrup, freshman.

A lot of the students knew about it right after it was discovered. In the event of violence, the student(s) said that they would run and hide or even run out the doors if they were close enough.

Some of the parents thought differently. One student said his mom wouldn’t let him stay home because he had a test and trusted the police.

“My mom said I couldn’t stay home because of my world history test,” said Alex Mack, freshmen.

The person who was involved in the threat was arrested but many of the parents were still gonna extra safety measures and keep their kids home.

“Even if the shooting was fake I would stay home,” said Mack.

The person just didn’t write the threat he wrote many other things that can not be shared. The students are also still a little shaken up and lost trust in the school. They hope to have increased police from now until summer.