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Threatening Security

A pre-Court Warming threat demands mite safety measures


A threat to South required a week of extra security and a constant alert from the teachers and students alike.


The threat Feb. 5 required the school to bring in extra officers throughout the week and for teachers to keep a watchful eye for suspicious behavior. Some students and staff thought the school might have been being overly cautious.


“They were just being way too safe,” said Jason Haislip, freshman.


Haislip also said that the threat was clearly a joke and should not have been taken so seriously. Adding that the school took care of it and they had done enough already before bringing in extra security.


Some people still believed the threat was to be taken seriously and that if it wasn’t for the arrest that the suspect may have actually gone through with it.


However many people thought otherwise, thinking the school took the correct amount of precautions and handled the situation sufficiently, to ensure safety for the students and staff. Joke or not many still felt safe attending the date given.


“No I think they did everything correctly,” said Creston Celeste, freshman. “I think it was a joke, the kid who did it always does that stuff.”


Despite extra security, many people still chose to leave early or not attend school at all. Some who left early said they didn’t feel safe in the school and that the extra safety precautions were not enough.


“I didn’t think it was extremely likely,” said Rory Holyfield, a freshman who chose to attend Friday’s assembly.


Due to the fact minors had been involved in the situation, officers and most staff are not allowed to speak about the threat, unless it is in general terms. This situation resurfacedthe fact that teachers are professionally trained in the case of an active shooter.


The date eventually passing without an outburst, the school’s security reverted back to the normal officers and teachers.