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Spring Break at South

Spring break is a highly anticipated vacation for some students roaming the halls at South. It’s a time where you can go on exotic vacations, visit family or just relax at home.

Spring break is the second longest break during the school year, this means South students and staff get a week off away from school. Although some students argue that it should be a longer break.

“No one likes school, spring break should definitely be a month long,” said Paige Riekhof (Sophomore).

But there has been some disagreement with this topic.

Owen Seymour (Sophomore) said, “I like the length for spring break, summer would be shorter if spring break was any longer.”

With the long break coming up shortly some students use this time to prepare and plan for their vacations they will go on. Florida seems to be a popular spot during this time.

Cali Gadd (Sophomore) will be going to West Palm Beach, FL.

Gadd said, “I look forward to see my family and go to the beach every spring break.”

Madison Murphy (Sophomore) is also going to vacation down in Florida. Murphy goes every year and stays at her house in Captiva.

“I am most excited to lay on the beach and to go boating,” said Murphy.

Not everyone stays vacationing in the United States, though. Zach Nay (Sophomore) said he will be spending his spring break in Turks and Caicos this year.

“I am looking forward to scuba dive the most,” said Nay.

At South, spring break will be during March 21-25.