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Not-So-Super Hero Movie Genre

With the rise of movies like Deadpool and Suicide Squad, the new genre of not-so-super hero movies has gained a lot of hype behind it, however the question is will this new genre survive against previous films made by marvel such as the Avengers?


Many fans of the upcoming films are very excited for their arrival. The character Deadpool has had a large following for a long time and built up a great fan base. Although this may be true, a large portion of regular marvel fans will not be able to see Deadpool because of its controversial rating (Rated R).


It’s either the film will be more successful because of larger, older audiences or the film will die out because it’s not open to a broader spectrum of viewers.


“Me viewing movies as an art, like I do, sometimes they the production should be rated R even though that might hurt their box office performance,” said Christian Hofferty, sophomore.


The reason Deadpool has made so much traction in the comic books and now the theaters is because of the character’s uniqueness. Deadpool also uses sense of humor in everything he does, but it’s not just punch lines, or corny jokes, it’s his fighting style. His fighting style is very different in that he doesn’t fear consequence in his actions.


“Deadpool is a far more vulgar hero, he doesn’t care how he looks to the public eye,” said Joey Ford, sophomore.


He is a very reckless character that has yet to be replicated in any hero film to date. The character can also be seen breaking the fourth wall at times. It’s almost the case that Deadpool knows he’s in a comic book or in this case a movie.


Drawing back to the main question of the article, will this new movie genre be successful? The answer to that is yes, very much so. This film will only strengthen the genre and help to carry Suicide Squad to the top of the leaderboards.


It’s a record crushing first week for Deadpool, the response from both critics and average viewers are unanimously positive. In fact, Deadpool scored the largest R-rated opening weekend of all time, with a $132.7 million take. Tim Miller has successfully directed another film that will go down as a classic for many of fans.