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March Madness Breakdown

32 days, 63 games and 11.3 million crazed college basketball fans. That puts into perspective how crazy March Madness gets. But here we are again with the same question: who is going to take home the National Champion rights this year?

In past years, there has always been a top dog or a clear powerhouse in college basketball. Usually Kentucky, Duke or Kansas is this team, but this year it is any team’s race.

“This year’s March Madness is going to be better than the past ones because for the first time in a while it feels like there is no dominant team like Kentucky usually is,” said Bret Vanice, sophomore.

Since the preseason, there have been six different teams owning that number one spot. Believe it or not, Duke isn’t a top-25 team in the country and Dayton is ranked above the Kentucky. Yes, you read that right.

“That makes it fun because the unpredictability is what makes March Madness so fun to watch,” said Vanice.

Even though this year’s March Madness doesn’t have a dominant team that is definitely not the case when it comes to star players it will host. This year you will be able to see a wide variety of stars from LSU’s Ben Simmons, who has been drawing comparisons to Lebron James for his versatility for a player his size, to four year crafty and playmaking guard in Maryland’s Melo Trimble.

“Oklahoma’s  Buddy Hield is such an electric player. He is really fun to watch showing off his expansive arsenal of ways to score. He’s got everything,” said Braeden Denney, freshman.

In past years, when asked who people thought the winner of the College Basketball Tournament, the majority of people all picked the same team to win it all. This year when students were asked that same question, they each gave a different response from Duke to OU.

“With all the recruits spreading out their college choices, it makes it fun now that most teams are good and there aren’t many bad teams,” said Jack Beuerlein, sophomore.

The tournament starts with the Opening-Round games on March 15.