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Courtwarming Dates

Although Courtwarming has past, everyone is still talking about it. Courtwarming is different from other dances at South, this dance is girls choice. Many girls went all out.


Kenzie Huff (Sophomore) asked her boyfriend Quinn Kobayashi (Sophomore) with a sign that said ,”I don’t want to FORCE you to go to CW with me, but you would sure SABER me time if you said yes. R2DU interested? Courtwarming 2016?”


Kobayashi was very boring but sweet as with his response, as Huff would say, he gave her a hug and said yes.


Cassidy Hedrick (freshmen) asked her friend Luke Hupke (Freshmen) by putting balloons with pictures of them in his room with poster saying “Could you picture us floating up to Courtwarming?”


Hedrick was very excited with his response.


“He was actually really excited about it, he yelled ‘Mom I got a date to Courtwarming!’” she said.


Grace Collins (Freshmen) asked a birthday pal Garrett Osbourn (Freshmen) to Courtwarming by doing a birthday pun since their birthdays are both on Feb. 6, the date of the dance. Collins did a quote on quote blackmail, she threatened to shave his head if he said no.


Georgia Clark (Freshman) asked her “almost-boyfriend” Gage Morrow (Junior) to the dance. Morrow has long hair, so Clark made a poster that said, “Honey-comb your hair and go to Courtwarming with me” with a box of honey-combs.

Clark said that Morrow answered with, “Yeah, I guess. If I have to,” sarcastically.


“Courtwarming would have been worth the efforts if I asked someone cuter!” Collin’s jokingly said.