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Actors ready for Spring Play

This year’s Spring Play is “The Three Musketeers,” chosen by Kyle Lackey, drama teacher.

The play is set in 1625. In short, the production is about a young man, who travels to Paris, named d’Artangnan, played by Joey Ford, sophomore. He longs to to become a musketeer.

Even though d’Artangnan can’t join the musketeers immediately, he manages to befriend the three most daunting Musketeers of the era. The three musketeers are played by Tyler Espinosa, senior, Athos, Nathan Jurries, junior, Porthos, and Colten Richards, junior, Aramis.

Ford described d’Artangnan as, “pugnacious in nature” because of his hot headed behavior. Ford related his personality to d’ Artangnan’s because they both “want to become strong fighters”.

Anne Price, sophomore, plays the role of Adele, who stars in three scenes. Price loves her part because in the second scene Adele acts drunk in the tavern when she is a chorus member.

“I love acting drunk, it’s my favorite thing to do,” says Price.

Another minor cast member is Claire Wilkins. She has multiple roles including Abbess, an old woman and an extra. Abbess is the head of the convent. There, she helps Constance hide from the cardinal because of her loyalty to the queen. As the old women, Wilkins wraps up the play.   

The actors agreed that the most different, yet exciting, thing about this play than the other plays is the sword fighting.

“I’m really enjoying watching the sword fighting, it’s cool beans,” said Wilkins

They say it’s difficult to learn at first, but is a thrilling experience overall.

The Spring Play premieres on March 3 and 4 at 7 p.m. and March 5 at 1:30 p.m.