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A Capella choir auditions arrive

Auditions start this week

A Capella Choir auditions are starting up at South and many people are considering trying out. The auditions are being held Feb, 17, 18, 19, and 23.

Elizabeth Brockhoff, choir director, advises those who are trying out to prepare well for the audition. She says the more prepared you are for it, the more confident you are when you sing.

Brockhoff pushes that the audition in itself is not difficult but acknowledges that for the student trying out, “it must be terrifying.”

“Just realize, I know you’re nervous. It’s okay if you make mistakes,” Brockhoff said. “ I very much appreciate everyone who goes through the audition process.”

Many South choir students are nervous about singing alone, including freshman Allison Majors. She says she is not entirely confident in her abilities to actually get in but is unconcerned with the pressures of being in the class.

“If you’re good enough to get in, you’re good enough to stay,” said Majors.

Audrey Cline, a seasoned A Capella choir member of one year, said that the audition was “nervewracking”, but assures that it’s not nearly as hard as people think it is. She assures that being in A Capella is really rewarding to students who may be anxious about just being in the class.

“We’re kinda like a big family. [Choir] isn’t like a typical class, it’s a break in the school day,” said Cline.

The sign up sheet is posted on the choir room door for any of those who wish to try out.