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Importance of Sleep

Do you think you should stay up another hour and watch Netflix or do you think you should go to sleep and not watch Netflix?

Sleep plays a very important job in your lifetime. Getting enough sleep can help your brain work properly. You can stay up another hour and not get as much sleep as you need and your brain won’t learn as well as you should. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says that a good night’s sleep helps improve learning.

Alex Gardner, freshman, said that he gets a good sleep and feels like he’s more focused and that learning is easier.

Seth Hudson, senior, says he always works out before he goes to bed. Hudson claims it helps him go to sleep quicker and it helps him have a better sleep.

“Whenever I workout it makes me tired, therefore I fall asleep quicker and get a good night’s sleep.” Hudson said.

Actually working out before you go to sleep increases metabolism and can lead to a better sleep claimed CNN and USAToday.

Trey Toliver, sophomore, says that he eats before he sleeps. He says that eating before helps him relax and sleep better. Webmd says that bedtime snacks can help you sleep. And that when you’re hungry, It disrupts your sleep.

Toliver says that whenever he can’t sleep, he goes to another room and watches tv, until he is tired and then he goes to his room and falls asleep almost immediately. According to Sleepfoundation, If you can’t sleep, then go to another room and do something relaxing until tired. So why not go to sleep and not stay up. It will help benefit you later on.