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Holiday Joy

Have you ever been worried that you might not have food for the holidays? Have you ever woke up on Christmas morning without presents to open?

For some families this is a reality they just can’t control. Luckily many of them can get help from local food pantries or charities.

One local food pantry called St. Vincent De Paul does exactly that. They give families the help they need to get through the holidays. They provide some food and even toys for kids during the Christmas time. This might seem like a simple job there is a lot of work that goes into making sure every family gets what they need.

The masterminds behind this is Joyce and Bob Cooley. They first started off as helpers, but two years ago were moved up to head of the whole thing. There are many volunteers that help them to accomplish their goals.

“The parishioners and students at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church are a lot of help with donations,” Bob Cooley said.

They try give each family a full meal and toys for each child on the Saturday before Christmas.

“We give each family a ham or turkey and side dishes such as vegetables.”

This job isn’t always easy and they have a lot of complications.

Joyce Cooley said, “The hardest part of it all is finding toys for the right age groups for each child.”

“Christmas time is hectic but it always works out in the end,” Joyce Cooley said.