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Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind ****

I liked the way that the author created suspense in the book, you were always at the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next. You were always wondering how the main character would get out of the bind he was in. The main character always did what had to be done just in time.

It was nearly always do this or the world will end. I liked the way the author threw in philosophical debates with himself as conversations between characters. I didn’t like the way that the climax occurs way at the end of all of his books. It’s nice that he can end the book concisely, but still, it irritated me. The philosophical conversations definitely made me stop and think, did that really just happen? Did he Really just say that? Anytime something like that would pop up, I would go back and reread it just to better understand it.

There wasn’t really anything that confused me. The length of the books made it time-consuming to read, but the story is great. This is a great book to read.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.