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As ISIS Grows, America Needs to Make Some Decision

A hot topic in national politics right now is how to handle recent terrorist activities.  The ISIS attack on Paris has made many people realize how serious of a threat they really are.  Governments all over the globe are trying to figure out how to fight terror, but it’s not as simple as one might think.


Part of President Obama’s platform for the 2008 presidential election was that he would slowly but surely bring all our troops home from the middle east.  Obama was true to his word and brought home the majority of our troops.  Now, 7 years later, there is some decisions to make.  ISIS (short for the Islamic State in Syria) is growing more and more by the day.  The terrorist organization not only has control in regions of Syria, but is gaining a lot control in neighboring countries.  With ISIS growing in size geographically, there is a correlating growth rate in the number of ISIS militants.


The big question now is “What should the US do about this?”.  Now, many people would say this isn’t out war to fight, and that we should let the governments in this part of the world handle it themselves.  The government in Afghanistan has been very vocal in saying that they don’t need/want our help.  What people don’t understand is that the battles aren’t only fought on the ground in the middle east.  There has been many one sided fights in this war, like the attack on Paris, the bombing of a Russian passenger jet, and now the attack in San Bernardino. The execution and equipment of the attack is shockingly similar to that of the attack on Paris, and while there may not be a direct link to ISIS, the terrorists still came from Pakistan.  While it isn’t the United States responsibility to go fight others wars, it is our responsibility to protect our own people.  The use of ground forces in that region would do just that; stop the unrestricted growth and development of terror groups.


As per usual, the democrats and republicans can’t seem to come to an agreement on what to do.  


“We need troops on the ground to directly interrupt these organizations.  The military forces in the middle east just simply aren’t good enough to stop these terrorists, and the US needs to step in.” said junior, Matt Coddington.


Coddington stands on the side of the republicans.  ISIS


“What we should do is virtually nothing. Publicly condemn them and support bordering nations.” said junior, Sean Macken.


Macken has the same viewpoint as most democrats.
Whether you think we need to put forces on the ground or not, it’s becoming more and more obvious that something has to be done to stop these groups.