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A new companion, best friend, and more

How are people’s experiences with buying pets from breeders, and or shelters, and what do most people prefer, what are the positive outcomes?


Not every animal shelter is what you may or may not expect.


“There were a lot more animals than I expected,”says Maryann Ball.


Just one shelter in Kansas City, KC Pet Project, is finding homes for around 10,000 pets a year.


“There are animals in need. If you adopt a puppy from a breeder you’re just contributing to the problem of animals continuing to being bred and there are already too many. There is plenty of perfectly good dogs at shelters. Just because they are purebred doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them,” Thomas Murphy said.


Many people choose to adopt from a shelter than a puppy mill or breeder.


“I think Breeders are just a little sketchy because you don’t know what they are all doing to the dogs,” says Hannah Womack.


The process for adopting a dog from a shelter is normally much easier too, and cheaper. Animals at shelters are normally $20-$250 and dogs and cats from a breeder can be $300-$1000.


As some would say breeders are better to purchase animals from, but majority from the information we collected, shelters seem to be the more popular option.


“In shelters you can see more personality of dogs and cats but most puppies and kittens are a lot alike”, said Ball.


Not only a more efficient way to purchase pets, but an easy process as well as more “professional” as you could say when adopting from shelters.


“It was a very easy process. I found my dog, we got it, filled out all the paperwork, and then we had a dog and took it home,” Womack says


If you are not able to adopt animals, you can always volunteer there just to help out.


“The best part is getting to interact with all the different dogs and cats and helping them out,” Murphy says. “Volunteering is just like doing a good thing and you are like helping out society.”


All shelters collected from people’s experiences are different, mostly for the majority it is almost always a positive way to find a new wonderful addition to the family.