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University of Missouri President Resigns

5788500717_979f2ff40b_oThe president of the University of Missouri, Timothy M. Wolfe, resigned Monday morning. Wolfe resigned after a series of racial incidents.

The racial incidents started in September when a student said that he was called a “n-word” by a group of men in a pick-up truck. The incidents continued when a drunk student screamed racial epithets at the Legion of Black Collegians while they were rehearsing a homecoming skit.

After nothing was done about the incidents, a publicized hunger strike by former graduate student, Jonathan Butler was organized. Two days after the announced hunger strike, 32 players on the Missouri Tigers football team announced that they would not play until Wolfe was out.

Missouri, Head Coach, Gary Pinkel backed his players 100 percent in their decision to boycott. Pinkel tweeted, “The Mizzou family stands as one. We are united. We are behind our players.”

According to the New York Times, a forfeit by the Missouri Football team would’ve cost the university $1 million.

Wolfe became president of the university in 2012 after moving to Columbia as a fourth-grade student.

Wolfe spoke out at his press conference this morning and he is taking full blame for what happened, and how it damaged the reputation of the university. He also urges that his “resignation is used to heal and help people start talking again.”

Today the University of Missouri resumes normal activities, after certain classes had been canceled for two days. The hunt is on for a new president at the university.