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The Road by Cormac McCarthy *****

The Road is a post-apocalyptic book about a father and son who travel on ash filled streets and pass by buildings burning to the ground. The soot has blocked the sun from shining, but they have to stay warm as it gets colder every day and even starts to snow. They are also forced to stay out of sight from the others on their trip to a better place because if they don’t their journey could end.

This book may not have a ton of words on every page but it is still a very challenging book that you can’t fly through in a day. It takes a lot of re-reading and thinking sometimes to understand this book. This is because it is so much different than the world we live in today.

This is my favorite book ever and a great book for anyone who loves suspense. Even though this book is very sad there are still happy moments. Another great thing about this book is that it makes you thankful for what you have, and realize that our world is better than we sometimes think.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.