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Seven Great Escapes

kansas city royalsAs most of us know the Kansas City Royals are World Series Champions and some are calling them the greatest comeback kids of all time.

The Royals gained redemption after last years World Series where they came up 90 feet short in game seven losing 2-3 against the San Francisco Giants. This year things were different.

The Royals beat the Houston Astros 3-2 in comeback fashion in both games two and four. After being down 2-6 going into the top of the eighth in game four the Royals scored five straight runs with a two-run bomb by Eric Hosmer in the ninth.

They brought game five back to Kauffman Stadium and Johnny Cueto then pitched a gem. He allowed just two hits the entire game clinching the American League Division Series.

The Royals were on to the next one; the Toronto Blue Jays. They took that series 4-2. Keep in mind they had a comeback win in game two scoring five runs in the bottom of the seventh which all started with a miscommunication on a routine popup. The Royals were now the winners of the American League Championship Series for the second straight year.

Finally it was World Series time, and the Royals had to take on the New York Mets. All four of the Royals wins were comeback.

In game one they were down 3-4 going into the bottom of the ninth and with one swing of the bat Alex Gordon’s solo home run keep them in the game going 14 innings with a win of 5-4.

In game two they were down 0-1 into the fifth and ended up winning 7-1. In game four of the World Series they were down one into the eighth; ended up winning 5-3.

Game five: the Royals opportunity to make the World Series theirs, and they were once again down two in the top of the ninth. Yet they found a way to win, 7-2.

The Royals had probabilities of 18%, 1%, 25%, 8%, 10%, 16%, and 5% during those seven games, in order, and won all seven of those games.

The Royals proved time and time again that no matter what odds were against them they would never quit, and that mentality made them 2015 World Series Champs.