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Racial Dispute at University of Missouri

Racial Dispute at The University of Missouri

By: Chase Putnam


The Concerned Student 1950 Group, named after 1950 being the first year an african american attended the university, has started mass controversy last week at what normally seems a peaceful environment.


Recent events at Mizzou have aroused between the white and black student body such as racial slurs being directed to the student body government president who is black and a swastika painted in human feces in a bathroom dormitory. Once the protests began, two trucks with large confederate flags on the back drove past the protesters to stir tension even more.

Ben Becker, sophomore, who is an ecstatic mizzou fan and has a brother who attends the school spoke about the controversy and said, “ I am very shocked about this entire situation, every time i go to visit my brother at school the campus seems very calm and a relaxed environment where everyone usually gets along.”  


The Concerned Student 1950 Group ties into all this because they are an all black organization the stands for black rights. They have demanded a list of several things to taken into action such as to add more diversity into the university staff and for the University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe to resign. They believe he did not handle the multiple situations in the right way want his removal.


One student is going on a hunger strike until Wolfe resigns and the entire Mizzou football team has supported the boycotts and will not play in this saturday’s game against B.Y.U.


Allison sadler, Junior, is a huge Mizzou fan and attends almost every home football game when asked on what she thinks of this said, “I think these boycotts and protests are necessary, what has happened is completely uncalled for but I hope it does not affect Mizzou’s image to the rest of the country in the future.”