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Playing Through Pain

15323963507_97e92e0464_nEven though the Kansas City Royals won game 1, an even bigger loss occurred. Daniel Volquez, the father of starting pitcher Edinson Volquez, passed away just hours before his son was sent out to pitch in World Series Game 1.

Daniel Volquez was 63 and died in the Dominican Republic from complications of a heart condition, says.

The Royals said the whole team found out about Volquez’s father’s death before the game started. Manager Ned Yost claims he had no idea when he found out. Fox’s Joe Buck later reported on the air that it was Volquez’s wife’s wish that her husband not be informed until after he had pitched in the game.

“I believe that the whole Kansas City Royals played that much harder for their brother to get the win,” says Ben Becker, sophomore.

Yost said that Volquez, who gave up three runs on six hits in six innings, left before the game ended and boarded an airplane to get back to his family in the Dominican Republic.

Matthew Dieleman, junior, says, “I do not think that Volquez knew about the passing of his father during the game. I think after he heard when he left the Dominican, he wanted the team to win the game for him.”

Volquez is not the first Royals player to lose a parent this year. Chris Young lost his father, Charles, to cancer on September 26th. Mike Moustakas, Royals third baseman, lost his mother, Connie, to cancer on August 9th.

“I can’t imagine how difficult it be to play at that high of a level after a death of a loved one,” says Kate Eischens, sophomore.

With the tragic events that have taken place over the course of the year, the Kansas City Royals have one job. That job is to bring a World Series trophy back to KC.